Welcome to the cutting room floor. Whenever I finish a cookbook, there are recipes that didn’t make the final book not because they’re flawed in any way, but because they weren’t necessary. Dal puri is one of the favorite food items for a lot of people in India. This fluffy dough bread-type with a lentil filling stuffed inside is easy to make, tasty, and healthy for people. A lot of communities in India prepare various variations of this recipe, with different fillings. The most common ingredients that people use to make these, however, are ‘masoor dal’ lentils, all-purpose flour, and spices. Plus, one can make this breakfast food without much fuss, and pair it with ‘aloo ki sabzi’ or ‘chole bhature’.

Food that makes you happy.

Nutrition Value of the Dish:

The ‘puris’ are made of a mixture of lentils and spices, stuffed into a dough and then fried. Most people use masoor dal as their lentil of choice, and it has high protein content. It is later cooked in high-quality edible oil, like rice bran oil, which is full of good fatty acids. This is good for heart health, has anti-inflammatory effects, and contains many other healthy nutrients. The spices, no matter which you add, have valuable effects on the body as well. Some of them include improving blood sugar levels, digestion, heart health, and more.

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